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Expert Designer Tips: How to style your bedroom to make it feel like a retreat:

1. Choose a calming color palette. Choose blues, grays, and creams as the dominant colors with hits of a stronger accent color. Color theory can be boring but a red wall does not a good night's sleep make. Some colors – like red, yellow, and hot colors like fuchsia and orange - can feel really aggressive. Go for a neutral like taupe or ivory if you want it to feel warmer, or a cooler neutral like light blue or grey if you want it to feel more calming.

2. Instead of bold art, think simple mirrors. The bedroom is not the place to do a huge overwhelming gallery wall of art. Keep the artwork big and simple and when in doubt bring in a mirror – it expands the space and fills the wall, yet doesn't add a lot of contrast or busy-ness.

3. Symmetry all the time can get boring. Make your guest bedroom more eclectic and crazy and fun, but for a perfectly balanced master bedroom think of getting similar or matching nightstands and lamps. To achieve order in your bedroom more than anywhere else and having the two sides be symmetrical actually may help you sleep.

4. If starting your design from scratch, choose the bed first. The bed is the "sofa" of the bedroom and it is the most important piece of furniture in that room. The style of the bed will dictate where the room will go design-wise. Choose an upholstered bed for something softer and more cozy, a simple platform for something more modern, or an ornate iron for something more antique and Old World. Either go with a simple style that is easy to work with other styles, or something over the top that will be a show-stopper.

5. When it comes to bedding: layer, layer, layer. In the winter go for a heavier weight – down comforter, wools, cashmeres, and thicker, chunkier throws and throw pillows. And in the warmer months think crisp linens, cottons, and lighter throws. The key is having contrasting textures (like thickly woven knits and tighter woven linens) to make it feel inviting.

6. Nightstands are go-to accessories. A tray/dish or box for jewelry, a scented candle or flower (something that smells nice), a lamp for reading, a water carafe to avoid those midnight water trips to the kitchen, and alarm clock if needed. Keep everything in your color palette to avoid it looking messy or feeling busy.

7. Every person deserves to wake up in the morning and step onto something warm and inviting, possibly even luxurious. So if you don't have carpet in your bedroom, get yourself a rug. It could be a smallish 3x5 throw rug on either side of the bed or get a large rug to ground the whole space and lay under the bed. It adds texture, warmth, and luxury to a bedroom.